When you visit next…

When you visit next…

Welcome to our farm and boutique

Here are more information about the lavender and our farm.

Fact: The lavender is always in bloom in July. Not in June, not in August, certainly not in September and definitively not in October. Should we ad the months of April and May as well? Lavender is a crop that comes once a year....in July. And when we receive a low rate review on Trip Advisor because the lavender was not in bloom in August or September or any other months of the year, we are sorry that you missed July, but there is nothing we can do about the fact that you did not come in July.

Fact: The festival is cancelled but our fields and boutique are open to the public. Just like it says on our main page, we, the boutique and fields are open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. No reservation is needed. We are monitoring how many people can come in at once.

Fact: While our fields are in bloom, there will be an entrance fee of $8.00 per person. Children 12 and under are free and we also offer you free parking. And...we are in bloom now!

Fact: It is not possible to cut or harvest your own fresh lavender when you come to visit at the farm. And not allow to pull either!

Fact: Dogs are allowed as long as they are friendly, on a leash at all time and you have a poop bag in your pocket.

Fact: We will be harvesting lavender in our fields because it is our main ingredients in all of our lavender products you can find in our boutique.  So eventually, the fields will have less and less lavender to look at. Usually by the first week of August, it is all harvested. The best time to see lots of lavender in our fields is the two first weeks of July.

Fact: We do sell plants at the the farm. This year we have: Hidcote, Munstead, Folgate and Grosso
1 year old plant in 4"pot at $6.50
2 year old plant in gal pot at $16.50
3 year old plant in 3 gal pot at $28.00
Lavender takes three year to be mature so you can go home with a baby plant, a teenager  or a mature plant. You should not let the baby plant flower this year in order to send the energy in the root system.

Fact: As stated on our main page, we have now closed our B&B since last fall. So we are not able to host you anymore. Please do your own search since we are not in the loop anymore and do not know which accommodation is open.

We look forward to welcome you!
Rolande and Derek

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